I would marry that Dolphin (if only he'd ask!)

Harriet Wants Eggs!

Frustrated, Harriet shows dominance & repeatedly "foots" M-15 . . .

Bless You, Internet

. . . and Tímo Too!

Intelligent Life

Categories of Being

My Dad

My Dad expressed love and made connections by patiently and graciously, yet tenaciously, helping others learn how to raise themselves up and be successful by discovering and leveraging their own inherent gifts and talents.

Naked Mole Rats Don't Get Cancer

Naked mole rats are a super-species. They don't get cancer and can survive up to 18 minutes without oxygen. But perhaps their greatest feat is that they don't age!

Who is MicroChic?

I provide Efficiency-Focused IT and Tech Support for Executive Teams across numerous diverse industries and non-profit Organizations. Besides my Bat Cave (aka MicroChic's Learning Studio), you can find me geeking out in online forums and communities.