Recognize Your Progress and Achievements

Recognize Your Progress and Achievements

This is a nonsense post.

Recognize your progress and achievements, as others remain mostly focused on their own.

We can generally realize, in retrospect, the purpose of a mission (at least a portion of a larger progress that we are a part of) when we recognize what was achieved.

Does our recognition of either purpose or progress affect reality?

What is individual reality? Does it exist (in "reality")?

Is there shared/collective reality, but not objective/subjective or prospective/respective or projective/rejective reality?

Is prior awareness a type of projection which can be obfuscated by doubt or a diversion of focus, and impeded by fear or resistance?

Is the absence of prior awareness another type of projection?

Are progress and regress some results of the application of focused projection?

What is rejection (i.e. projection vs rejection)?

Is regress another type of progress?

What changes an abstract concept to an applicable tool or force (either controllable and/or at least initially rogue)?