The Near Future of Cell Phones

The Near Future of Cell Phones

What a powerful new chip could mean for 2020 phones...

Earlier this week, Qualcomm unveiled its Snapdragon 865 chipset for premium phones. As the world's largest mobile chipmaker, Qualcomm's top-tier processors run many of the most advanced phones on the planet.

We'll see top phones using Snapdragon 865 as soon as the first quarter of 2020. Unlike last year's Snapdragon 855 that runs the Galaxy S10 and scores of other phones, the Snapdragon 865 will include 5G right from the start. In other words, any phone powered by 865 will also be 5G-ready.

Snapdragon 865 comes with a new image processor, called Spectra 480, that it claims is insanely fast, but also extremely power-efficient.